How To Quit

Unusual Ways to Quit Smoking


Brush your teeth. Every time you want to smoke, brush your teeth and enjoy the freshness of your breath and the pleasant feeling in your mouth. Yes, you’ll need to get an extra brush with a case to constantly be in possession of the necessary tools.

For women - get pregnant. The health of the child depends on the habits of the mother. A sense of responsibility, combined with the feeling of guilt, will overcome the habit.

For those who gamble – make a bet with a friend. If you smoke, you’ll have to pay him a large fine or treat him with a dinner. The bet must be unlimited in time! Your friend will enjoy it in any case.



Get a new job. Get employed at a place where smoking is prohibited – there are plenty of such organizations. At the same time, you should like everything else about the job – the activity profile, coworkers, salary, etc. A job that is more valuable than the habit and the risk of losing it will help you overcome the addiction.

Stop smoking at home. Make a spring cleaning of your house, throw out the ashtray and make it a rule not to smoke in the apartment. At least the air in the house will improve significantly.

Go hiking. Get out of the city more often (preferably for a couple of days) and don’t bring cigarettes with you. Avoid settlements with shops!



Nuts and gum. One more way to stop smoking is to keep your mouth busy with something else. Nuts and chewing gum will do (preferably sugarless). Nuts are better in the shell – it’ll also keep your hands busy. Some experts recommend cookies, but then you’ll also have to start morning runs – to combat obesity.

Drink water. Every time you want to smoke, drink water. This might be useful in any case because most people drink less water than the body needs. And, perhaps, it’ll help you to give up a bad habit.



Bury a pack of cigarettes and don’t buy a new one. To smoke, you’ll have to dig up the deceased pack, take dead cigarettes out of it and put them in your mouth.

Affirmation - daily spells not only help to quit smoking. Think of a few mantras formulated as a fact in real time using only positive words. For example, "I quit smoking, and now I"m happy. I feel a lot better. I smell good. People on the street smile at me" and so on. At the end of each mantra, you can add "I get a lot more than I expect." You must say the mantras with the necessary belief in what you say - mechanical repetition doesn’t give effect. Over time, daily 10-minute sessions can overcome a long-standing habit.



Teenage children often hold smoking against their parents. A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to put a condition - "If you become an excellent student, I will give up smoking."

Imagine your children smoking. Every time you’re going to smoke, imagine your child with a cigarette in his or her mouth.

Reward yourself. Set a good prize for not smoking for a certain period - for example, a sea trip.



Go to the hospital and visit people with lung cancer. Listen to what they say about their feelings and about smoking.

Soak your cigarettes in milk, then dry them and start to smoke. You will obviously hate the taste.

Fill the room with tobacco smoke. Close windows and doors, light a few cigarettes and leave them to smolder in the ashtray.

Controlled poisoning. Smoke one cigarette after another, until the smell of smoke and the process of smoking become disgusting to you. Be careful not to overdo it!





Is it possible to quit smoking for good? The main thing is a strong desire to become a non-smoker and a positive attitude for the result. We found ten ways that might help you to quit smoking.

Experts consider methods that make it possible not to smoke for six months as effective ones.

Official medical science has proven the effectiveness of two methods. They are listed first.


Medical care

A doctor calculates the optimal treatment for the time without smoking and, if necessary, prescribes drugs to help cope with the stress. Everything is scientifically proven and is suitable for those who prefer the official medical care.


Nicotine patches and chewing gum

A way to stop smoking without nicotine hangover is to use a patch or chewing gum. They deliver the minimum amount of nicotine into the body while you’re kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes. This method is suitable for those who can’t endure while nicotine leaves the body. Cons include the fact that you will then have to withdraw gradually from those substitutes.

If you are a smoker with little experience and a low degree of nicotine dependence, and if you don’t want to contact your doctor, you may try one of the methods below.



A therapist convinces the patient that he or she no longer wants to smoke – whether in a state of a hypnotic trance or without it. The main thing is that the patients should really want to quit smoking and refuse to smoke because of their own desire, not because they are afraid of the hypnotic effect. If the patient slips out after some time, it is best to visit the therapist once again and either enhance or remove the received hypnotic message. The method isn’t considered officially approved.



Working with certain points on the human body has been a treatment for diseases for centuries. Harmful disease producing habits are no exception. A doctor sticks special needles to the necessary points on ears, and the craving to smoke disappears. It usually takes from one to six sessions. The method is not suitable for those who lose consciousness only thinking of needles. It also can’t be considered officially approved.


Hard work

Psychologists have recently found out that hard work full of stress can significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

Or even make it zero - in fact, with a busy schedule, there’s no time for smoke breaks.

The effect will be stronger if, for your career growth, you choose a company that has banned smoking completely.



For those who are attracted to an active lifestyle, there’s a method of replacing smoking with some interesting sport or fitness. Moderate and regular exercise cause a biochemically conditioned feeling of pleasure. It’s much easier and more enjoyable to overcome your habits in this state. In addition, sports are good for the way you look.



You can spend a month raft canoeing by mountain rivers, wandering through the jungle, or conquering some lofty mountains. But you’ll have to choose a completely non-smoking company for such an event - these are still possible to find. If there will be nobody to give you a spare cigarette, the hard mode of the trip and the heavy physical exertion will soon make you forget about tobacco.


Allen Carr"s book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking"

Today, quitting "by the book" is a very common way, alone or in virtual support groups. The book is available to buy or to take from those who had already quit. The volume is small, and even the ones who are not fond of printed word can cope with it. Just don’t listen to those who say that the book couldn’t help them - you have a goal to quit, not to collect statistics.



You can throw away the last pack of cigarettes and go into the wilderness. Downshifting is gradually coming into fashion. And, if the chosen village has a shop with tobacco products, then your choice is a single weather station in the forest or a distant forest border. If the nearest shop is 50 kilometers through the forest, you won’t run for cigarettes once you feel like smoking.


Supernatural forces

Everywhere you can find an old woman or a priest with a skill to help people quit smoking. It doesn’t matter what they use as the basis of their method - herbs, whispering spells over water or a prayer. If you believe in these things, they work. It’s a quite harmless informal method with a 50 percent probability of success. That is, it might help or not.

Mark Twain wrote: "Quitting is very easy - I"ve tried it many times." Many quitters start smoking again because nicotine dependence is comparable in strength to drug addiction. Analyze the cause of your failure – whether you went to a place where people smoke, drank alcohol in a smoking company, or you were too nervous? Draw conclusions and learn from your mistakes.