Smoking causes irreparable harm to the human body

Has a smoker ever wondered at least for a second about the processes that are taking place in his body and about the harm smoking does to it? Probably not. But he should!

The smoke of 20 cigarettes (which is the usual heavy smoker’s daily dose) contains 130 mg of nicotine, 45 g of ammonia, 0.7-1.1 mg of hydrocyanic acid, 0.6 l of carbon monoxide and many other toxic substances.

These substances cause irreparable harm to the human body. Doctors have proved that a smoker’s average life expectancy is nine years less than a non-smoker’s.

Once in Nice, there was a competition, very unusual in its absurdity and cruelty, "The Best Smoker Award". The competition was attended by many people who wanted to get the "honorary title", and here’s what it led to. Two participants of the competition smoked 60 cigarettes each and died in a hospital a few hours later.

Many participants got the strongest poisoning, but they were rescued. What a sad result this competition had. Ask a novice smoker how he feels when he smokes a cigarette. After he smokes a cigarette he immediately begins to feel dizzy and sick, his heartbeat quickens, the body becomes pale; he gets cold sweat, and those are obvious signs of poisoning. Medical literature has repeatedly given examples of the harm of smoking to the body, and tobacco poisoning. Here are a few examples:

A 42-year-old man who was smoking a tobacco pipe 3-4 times a day made a bet with his friend, which one of them could smoke more pipes in a row. After he had smoked 25 pipes, he felt ill. He had a strong weakness, nausea; he began vomiting, and as a result, he lost consciousness. The man was saved from death, but he suffered severe headaches for one and a half years after that.

A middle-aged man smoked 20 cigars and 40 cigarettes in twelve hours. As a result, he had a breakdown, cold, clammy sweat, disruptions of cardiac activity, and convulsions. The sad end of the story – the man died. Two young men made a bet which one of them could smoke more cigarettes in a row, and after 12 smoked cigarettes, one of them fell ill. He became dizzy, and he died of sudden cardiac arrest. The harm of smoking on health is very diverse. Every part of the human body suffers from the chemicals in tobacco.