Cigarette Smoke (Free)

Take a look at this amazing virtual smoking app!


Nowadays, anyone who wants to quit smoking can find hundreds of apps online that are willing to help them. Though there are so many apps available, only a few of them work well and support their users adequately. Like any other addiction, smoking can be very hard to stop since your body literally craves for nicotine. Luckily, Cigarette Smoke (Free) app is here to help you adjust to your new routine that will change your lifestyle while transforming your health.

Quitting smoking can be tough at times since your body has become accustomed to nicotine and its effects. This app takes an entirely different approach than the usual to tackle with your addiction. Instead of providing you with data, stats, motivational quotes or even badges, it gives you the ability to smoke a virtual cigarette. Consider it more like a brain training exercise that will show you how our way of thinking impacts our daily habits. You can smoke a virtual cigarette anywhere you go. The app’s interface mimics the entire process of picking up a cigarette and lighting it. Using your smartphone's screen, you can open your tobacco box and select the cigarette you are going to smoke. Then, using your phone's microphone, you can inhale. The way this app addresses your nicotine addiction is nothing but innovation. This is why it became so popular among smokers. You can find it in both Google play and Apple iOS app stores.

The overall design of the interface is fantastic as the whole process simulation is life-like. The cigarette box is very realistic and you can play with physics and motion. You can even shake your phone, and you will see the cigarette box moving in the same direction. It is incredible how detailed the app's design is. Another great, intuitive feature is how this app detects your breath through your phone's microphone. There is nothing like this app on the market, and I advise you to download it and test it. Also, after the phone detects your breathing, your screen is filled up with realistic smoke graphics, giving you the impression that you are actually smoking a cigarette. This app is perfect for quitting smokers. Or you can use it for just having fun with your friends. While quitting smoking remains challenging, Cigarette Smoke (Free) is the perfect companion you need to address your addiction. Overall, the app is well-designed and intuitive, giving you all the necessary virtual features. Try it now and you will be amazed by the results.

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