Craving to Quit

We know that kicking the butt can be extremely challenging. Addiction to nicotine is tough to get rid of. To overcome your dependency on smoking, the Craving to Quit app (iOS and Android) may be very useful. Here are a few things that show why using Craving to Quit may be the best decision that you have taken in your quest for quitting smoking.

About Craving to Quit
The app is essentially a 21-day smoking cessation program. The program was initially conducted as a clinical trial at Yale University where it had proved to be extremely effective. The 4-week program was developed by Dr. Judson Brewer. It is based on a technique widely known as mindfulness. The trial proved that mindfulness training is two times more effective than other smoking cessation standard treatments. The training was then implemented in the form of a 3-week program on the Craving to Quit App.

The initial two days of the program are a part of the free trial version. The user may choose to pay $1 a day to upgrade to the premium version, in order to complete the entire 21-day training. Mindfulness training teaches the users to become more aware of themselves and encourages them to pay attention to the surroundings at the present moment of here and now. In this app, the technique is extended to encourage the user to quit smoking.

- Set your own goals every day. The goals are customizable and involve a 'one day at a time' approach so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
- Understand the need to smoke and the link between craving and smoking, to break the cycle. The concept is to accept the craving without paying attention to it so that it gradually goes away on its own. 
- Play your audio and video track list every day and learn how to get rid of a habit – slowly but effectively.
- Overcome your cravings using the app in the moment exercises.
- Track the number of cigarettes you smoke every day using the daily cigarette tracker.
- Daily reminders keep you motivated and encourage you to accomplish your daily goals.
- Night-time reflection allows you to reflect on how well you did during that day.
- Join the online community and interact with other users to stay motivated.
- Interact with Dr. Judson Brewer and get everyday and weekly tips.
- Monitor your progress and check the activity feed every day.

- The program is based on a clinical study at Yale and is supported by medical data, which makes it more effective than any other run-of-the-mill smoking cessation mobile application.
- Completely customizable, as per your smoking pattern.
- Involves a step-by-step approach every day, to keep you motivated.
- Daily goals that you can set every day on your own.
- Easy to use.
- Tons of great features like an activity feed, a daily cigarette tracker, night-time reflection, audio-video playlist, exercises, and reminders.
- Interaction with other users on the same quest.

- The complete premium version is a paid version. The free version covers only the initial two days of the program.

Craving to Quit is a fantastic systematic smoking cessation program with clinical data to prove its effectiveness. The price that you pay for the premium version is small and truly worth it, considering the money you spend on cigarettes every day and the result i.e. a life completely free from smoking.

Download Craving to Quit for IOS & Android