Get Rich or Die Smoking

Trying to quit smoking is undeniably an uphill task. One can easily lose own drive to put an end to this deadly habit. To make the task a tad bit easier, the Google Play store has tons of mobile smoking cessation applications. Choosing the right App for you may involve a bit of a trial-and-error effort.

Here is why Get Rich or Die Smoking may be one of your best friends during your journey to kick the butt!

About Get Rich or Die Smoking
Get Rich or Die Smoking works on the concept of money that you end up saving after you quit smoking. You can track the amount of money saved by not buying cigarettes and realize that you can spend that money on buying various products. So you can actually see the products that you can afford now (e.g. a great mobile phone that you always wanted to buy), as a result of the amount that you have saved. The app also features periodic rewards and achievements. You can also chat with other users in the community. Also, have a look at the health benefits of not smoking and view your detailed stats.

- Configure your smoking habits by selecting the number of cigarettes per day, the number of cigarettes in a pack and the cost of a pack. Also, select the date and time when you actually quit.
- Unlock your achievements every time you reach a milestone. The reward system is detailed and sophisticated.
- Track your progress regularly using the widgets on your home screen.
- Create a wish-list of the products you want to buy and be notified every time you have saved up enough to afford them.
- Use options for various currencies.
- Monitor your progress by viewing detailed stats (how long you have remained a non- smoker, number of cigarettes that you have not smoked, number of times you have relapsed, amount of money and time saved since you quit smoking)
- Track the positive health benefits of not smoking.
- Chat with other community users and keep each other motivated.
- Share your achievements with your loved ones on social media and via email or SMS.
- Enable your trophies. (Money, Cigarettes, Time, Products)
- Track the instances of relapse.

- Motivating monetary goals.
- Positive health effects.
- Great reward system.
- Progress widgets on home screen.
- Detailed Stats.
- User-friendly, simple, clean design.
- Share achievements.
- Relapse button.

- If the app is installed on SD card, widgets might not function well.

Get Rich or Die Smoking is truly a fantastic mobile smoking cessation application. Money can be a great motivator to kick the butt. The overwhelmingly positive response from several ex-smokers is a good enough reason to try it out.

Download Get Rich or Die Smoking for Android