Kwit is the best app for keeping smoking out of your life.
Quitting smoking can be an overwhelming procedure, especially if you are used to it for many years. However, modern smartphones can provide you with all the essential tools that will ensure your progress until you reach your goal. These extremely useful apps take advantage of vital health stats and financial gains to motivate you through your journey. While the majority of these apps offer some attractive features, no app is better than Kwit when it comes to quitting smoking.

Kwit manages to approach the whole smoking issue with a game-like perspective. As soon as you download the app, you will notice how intuitive and fun it is. Developers take advantage of advanced gaming techniques to keep you motivated and help you quit smoking for good. Game techniques and thinking are here to make this transition as exciting as it can get.

In the beginning, the app assigns you with a basic level categorization and presents you with interesting hints on how to reach the next level. In the pursuit of becoming an Ultimate Kwitter, you have to maintain focus on your target, which is quitting smoking. Another great feature is the stats presentation as this app tracks all of the vital statistics of your progress. These stats include time measurements from the beginning of your effort, money savings as well as the number of cigarettes you have avoided. As you monitor these stats live, you remain focused and motivated about your goal.

The game-like environment includes more than 60 different achievements that you have to unlock if you want to reach the top level. As you make your way to the ultimate level, the app shows you critical info about the importance of quitting smoking for your life and body. Kwit also includes some amazing sharing features that inform your friends and family about your incredible progress. You can share your progress via Twitter, Facebook or email. Furthermore, it enables you to see a motivational card as soon as you feel like smoking and indicate it by shaking your smartphone. It will give you a tip on how to use some techniques to avoid lighting up a cigarette that will make you feel more motivated than ever.

Overall, this is a fantastic app for quitting smoking as it takes advantage of smart features and motivation techniques to keep you on track. Its gaming environment appeals to the vast majority of smartphone users and provides a more interactive way of avoiding smoking. While smoking is tough to quit, this app manages to assist you in this major transition. Don't waste more time and download this app now.

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