Why Livestrong MyQuit Coach is the only app you need to quit smoking.


While quitting bad habits like smoking can be overwhelming at first, results are definitely worth the extra effort. Health, as well as physical benefits, are countless as smoking affects your body in a wide variety of ways. The American Cancer Society states that you will start to notice some of these benefits as soon as you finish your last cigarette. During the first 20 minutes, the levels of your blood pressure and heart rate will start to drop, making you feel more energized. Also, breathing will become more effortless in the first couple of weeks. Only by reading these facts, you can understand how smoking affects smokers. Thankfully, you can take advantage of some amazing apps to accelerate your way to quitting smoking. Livestrong MyQuit Coach is maybe one of the best apps on the market right now.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach is an essential tool that every smoker has to try. The app is approved by licensed doctors. It gives you the ability to personalize your effort and change your lifestyle. This personalized plan allows you to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day or just quit it right away. Also, it features a fantastic reward system that keeps you motivated and lets you earn special badges as soon as you meet your goals. Additionally, it keeps track of the amount of money you save by not smoking to show you that quitting smoking also has some financial gains. Overall, the app evaluates your status regularly and tries to set attainable goals for you considering your preferences. Another extremely useful feature is the inspirational photos that the app shows you to keep you focused on your goal as soon as you feel like giving out.

If you feel like you need some real human motivation from the ones you love, MyQuit Coach doesn't disappoint you since it lets you share your progress through Facebook and Twitter. You can also take advantage of Livestrong's vibrant community by chatting with other motivated individuals or reading through the forums. Another great fact about this app is that it lets you view interactive charts about your progress and change your plans as soon as you realize that they are not sustainable. Also, you can use a tool that analyzes your nicotine consumption and suggests how you can improve. The whole personalized approach is what makes this app stand out from the competition as it inspires you to achieve your daily goals.

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