myQuitTime - Stop Smoking

Planning on quitting smoking? Try myQuitTime app for optimal results.
As you already know, quitting smoking is not the easiest thing to do. You can read as many studies you want, but the whole process will not become more comfortable. After a while, you need something more than straight facts to prevent you from smoking. You already know about the harm smoking can do to your body, from quick exhaustion to lung cancer. Basically, this activity can literally kill you. Although you haven't realized it, your smartphone can actually help you overcome this addiction. Think about it; your smartphone is always with you, and you hold your phone in your hand hundreds of times every day. Thankfully, developers have managed to build some extremely useful quit-smoking apps that approach smoking from an entirely different angle. An excellent example of this type of apps is myQuitTime - Stop Smoking app.

This innovative app tries to keep you away from smoking by presenting you some fascinating facts. As soon as you download it, it shows you how much money you will save by not smoking as well as what you can buy with this money. You can even create your own shopping list including prices, and the app will notify you as soon as you have saved the needed amount of money by not smoking. Also, you can view your daily health benefits and monitor their progress as you make your way towards your goal. If you feel like you can use some inspiration, hit the Help button, and the app will provide you with inspirational quotes and videos.

Generally, the app tries to keep you focused and motivated by giving you targeted incentives that are custom-made according to your profile. Even if you have managed to quit smoking, you can use the app as an inspirational tool to stay on the right path. myQuitTime makes the whole quitting process enjoyable and extremely easy. You can access the Quit Statistics tab to view all of the above features as well as other important metrics such as the number of extra life years you have earned or how many cigarettes you have avoided. Last but not least, this app follows a rewarding system that can help you manage your cravings. It also gives you the ability to share your achievements with your friends and family using either Facebook or Twitter. This social sharing characteristic is another motivational step that will ensure your success.

To conclude, myQuitTime is an impressive and user-friendly app that can help you quit smoking. Start your journey by downloading it for free and testing it. I can assure you that you will be impressed by its efficiency and methods.

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