Quit It Lite

The unique approach of Quit It Lite App.
Among other things, smoking is the most common attribute that results in high blood pressure, lung cancer, prematurely aging of skin and emphysema. Few people realize how dangerous smoking can be and Quit It Lite app is here to change this. Countless health experts have stated that positive results are triggered at the moment you quit smoking. If you think you have what it takes to stop smoking this incredible app is the perfect companion to your journey. Although there are plenty of similar apps, few of them manage to include all the necessary features. Every cigarette reduces your overall life duration by 11 minutes while maximizing your chances of related health problems. So next time you smoke, think about all of the benefits you are missing.

Quit It Lite is a fantastic motivational app that supports and encourages you to steer away from the bad habit of smoking. One of its best features is the accurate tracking of vital stats such as the cigarettes you avoided smoking and the amount of money you have saved during your progress. Just these two stats can skyrocket your overall progress since they manage to motivate you in a variety of ways. The app also calculates a figure that shows how you rank against others and presents you with the advantages of quitting.

Instead of keeping track of your nicotine consumption like most other apps do, Quit It Lite monitors the things you haven't done. This unique approach is what sets it apart from the competition. Knowing the amount of tar you didn't absorb you realize how your body avoids intoxication and becomes cleaner. Also, you can observe the physical benefits of quitting smoking since this app can calculate them based on your progress. It also offers some exciting sharing options that can keep you focused since your friends will know about your goals and will support you. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter as well as email. Last but not least, this app uses a percentage bar that calculates how far away you are from serious smoking-related diseases.

Everybody knows that little things are the ones that make the biggest impact, and this app manages to address all these forgotten things. Whether you want an app that will keep you motivated and support you or one that will soften your way towards your goal, this tool is the perfect fit for both. After all, nothing is better than helping people get away from their bad habits.

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