Quit Pro

We all know how big of a challenge it is to kick the butt and to remain committed to a life free from smoking - a deadly addiction. To overcome the challenge, the Google Play App store is flooded with tons of smoking cessation mobile applications. Many of these apps are truly well designed to help quit smoking, and Quit Pro is one of those fantastic apps.

Here is why Quit Pro may be your next best friend to motivate you to give up smoking!

What makes Quit Pro Unique?

Quit Pro has a unique approach when compared with other apps. 

It helps you to truly understand why you smoke (triggers), when (time) and where (places) you smoke or crave smoking the most. It also gives you a clear idea about the health risks of smoking and how you can lower them by resisting the temptations to smoke. You can also see the number of years that you add to your lifespan and the amount of money you save by not smoking. The app makes it easy to track the number of cigarettes that you have smoked, the number of times you have resisted the urge to smoke and how long you have remained free from smoking. The motivational quotes that regularly pop up on the app are truly inspiring. Also, monitor your progress and share your stats with friends and family to keep yourself motivated and avoid relapse. 

Not every person is the same, so what works for one might not necessarily work for another, and you might need multiple approaches to quitting smoking. 

However, if you have the intention to give up the habit, Quit Pro might be a great place to start.

Features and Highlights
Identify your smoking pattern - Understand Why, When And Where you smoke.
- Make a note of the places where you smoke regularly.
- Learn to recognize the triggers that cause you to pick up a cigarette. The triggers include more than 20 moods and situations such as stress, hunger, boredom, work pressures, being with friends, etc.
- Identify the peak moments during a day or a week when you crave for a cigarette the most.
- Track how may cigarettes you have smoked and the number of times you have had cravings.

Monitor the progress you have made and share the updates with your loved ones.
- Check how much money you have saved by not smoking.
- Check the number of years you have added to your lifespan.
- Track how long you've remained a non-smoker.
- Understand the health risks associated with smoking and the benefits that you shall experience by living a life free from smoking, e.g. the risk of suffering a stroke goes down as long as you avoid smoking. So you can see how you have lowered your own risks on the app.
- Check how many cigarettes you've smoked once you have decided to quit and the number of times you have overcome the urge to smoke.

Motivational Quotes
The application features over 170 quotes to inspire you every day. These quotes are from health organizations and are effective in maintaining your resolve.

- Unique approach.
- Simple to understand and user-friendly.
- Identify your own triggers, places, peak times.
- Great motivational quotes.
- Share your progress.

- The free version has limited features.

Quit Pro is a great way to help you give up smoking. It has fantastic reviews from many who have tried it and is definitely worth a shot!

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