Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

If you would like to use your smartphone to help you quit smoking, there are plenty smoking cessation applications in the Google Play store. One of those great apps is Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation. We know that kicking the butt can be quite an uphill battle but Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation can be remarkably helpful during your journey to give up smoking. Here is why you should consider using this app to overcome your addiction to nicotine.

About Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Cessation Nation is a great tool with features that encourage you to avoid picking up cigarettes. You can see how long you have remained a non-smoker, the amount of money that you have saved by not smoking, the health benefits that you shall experience by continuing to be a non- smoker and so much more. Also, unlock achievements by not smoking and track your progress. Play a cool game on the app to keep you distracted from smoking. Share your milestones with friends and other users of the application to stay motivated.

Features and Highlights 

- Tracker to see how long it has been since you've given up smoking.
- Check the number of cigarettes that you have not smoked since your quit date.
- Monitor the amount of money that you have saved by not buying cigarettes.
- A cool game is also available on the app to keep your mind occupied and away from cravings to smoke.
- Detailed health benefits remind you regularly about why kicking the habit can improve your overall well-being. For example, after 24 hours of not smoking, the app tells you that your blood pressure and heart rate have come down. As time goes on, you are informed that the carbon monoxide levels have dropped significantly. You also get to know about your lowered risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. You are told that your withdrawal symptoms will begin to subside as days, weeks and months eventually go by.
- Unlock achievements by not smoking. The longer you go on without smoking and greater the number of cigarettes you don't pick up, the more achievements you unlock.
- Share your achievements and statistics with friends and family on Facebook.
- The application also has a Calendar feature with a no smoking icon, for each day that you do not smoke.
- Widgets on your home screen display your statistics, which helps you to monitor your progress constantly.

- Keeps you informed about health benefits of being a non-smoker.
- Tracker to inform you about the number of cigarettes not smoked, time duration since you quit smoking and money saved.
- Fun game to keep you busy.
- Easy to use.
- Detailed reward system
- Share your stats on social networking websites.

- Does not feature a relapse button.
- Widgets might not work well if the app is installed on SD card.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation is undoubtedly a great motivator to stay away from cigarettes. The app is definitely worth a try if you intend to kick the deadly habit of smoking.

Download Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation for Android