Quit smoking slowly

Quit smoking slowly is an innovative app that can help any smoker.

There is no better period to quit smoking than now. Scientists say that your body will start to experience the benefits after twenty minutes. Also, as you may know, smoking is the leading cause of cancer as it cripples your lungs and their ability to function properly. Despite all these well-known adverse facts, smoking remains a very popular activity among people of all age groups. The reason why so many people smoke despite knowing the obvious disadvantages is that quitting is so difficult. However, with the introduction of innovative technology into our lives, developers have come up with useful apps that can help you stop smoking forever. One of these fantastic tools is Quit smoking slowly app.

Quit smoking slowly app can assist you through this difficult transition by a wide variety of ways. This app helps you keep your stress levels low, assists you in reducing your day to day cigarette consumption and restores your nicotine craving to normal levels. The overall approach to quitting smoking is unique when compared to other quit-smoking apps since this one concentrates on how your body adapts and interprets nicotine changes.


How this app works?

The app tracks your cigarette consumption and makes daily suggestions for reducing it gradually. Firstly, you have to set some initial parameters. Every time the screen is green, it means that you can smoke a cigarette. As soon as you light that cigarette, click on the screen again to let the app know. You will notice that the display will turn red, which is a signal to stop you from smoking another cigarette. If you follow this process every day, your cigarette consumption will be vastly reduced. This method is very different from the traditional approach because it is more forgiving and it keeps you focused on your goal for a larger period. After some time, your body adjusts to the reduced nicotine levels, and quitting smoking becomes easier than before. Using this app you can create your custom quitting plan, view motivational tips, videos, quotes or even images and track your overall progress. The app uses notifications to tell you when you are allowed to smoke. Another great feature is that you can use this app with your smartwatch as it supports Android Wear. New data are synchronized across your devices to keep you updated. Last but not least, you can share your progress on Facebook to let your friends know.

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