Quit Smoking

Check this app if you are serious about quitting smoking.

Despite that everyone knows smoking is an unhealthy activity that can lead to lung cancer and various other diseases, only a handful of people manage to overcome this serious addiction. While scientists say that a smoker's body depends on nicotine to function, quitting smoking can be an exciting and interesting transition. After minutes since you’ve stopped, your body starts to experience some positive effects. After a whole week, the main activities of your body will be restored to their original functioning levels. Since scientists believe that quitting smoking is actually your brain's decision, developers have come up with various smartphone applications that can ease your way towards a smoke-free lifestyle. Quit Smoking is maybe the most user-friendly and intuitive app you can find right now and can be a helpful tool in the hands of a dedicated individual.

Quit Smoking is a well-designed app that is based on colorful interactive widgets. While this approach is unique, its users report that it produces amazing results. These widgets appear on your phone's main screen, and their primary purpose is to help you gradually stop smoking. Every widget can be customized according to your individual profile, as the app prompts you to fill in your details. Your final program is a combination of your profile with a mix of statistical data from other users. However, after you begin with this program, it will adjust to your specific smoking schedule.

Using this app you can track the amount of money you have saved by not smoking, the days passed since you started, your body's CO level as well as how many cigarettes you haven't smoked. All these data are presented using intuitive and colorful graphs. Also, you can view the amount of stress and urge you are currently experiencing based on your data and profile. Another great feature is the app's sharing options. If you feel proud about your overall progress, you have the ability to share it using your Facebook or Twitter account. That way your friends and family can keep you motivated and focused. Also, you can view some global statistics about other quitters using the app’s dashboard.

Overall, while this app uses an entirely different approach, it manages to steer its users away from smoking by being on their phone's main screen. That way you can never forget about your goals and achievements. Another advantage of this app is how easy-to-use and interactive it is.

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