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 Most smokers never manage to transform their lifestyle by quitting smoking. While everybody knows that smoking is the leading cause of cancer, few people are willing to try quitting. However with the adoption of modern technology, our smartphones have the power to help us through that difficult transition. In recent years, countless quit-smoking apps have emerged in the app stores to tackle this tough issue. Some of them are just not worth trying while others can be extremely helpful. Luckily, QuitNow! falls into the second category. If you follow this incredible tool closely, you will notice that quitting smoking can become an easier task.

The app's approach to smoking is pretty straightforward since it focuses on the health and monetary advantages of quitting smoking. This means that it can calculate the money you have saved by not smoking as well as the improvements in your health after you have stopped smoking. Since the app keeps track of your overall progress, soon enough you will be presented with special badges and symbols that will ease your transition and motivate you even more. Another incredible feature is that QuitNow! App includes a vibrant online community of people who have stopped smoking as well as ones who are at the same level as you. You can find it on both Google's and Apple's app stores.

How this app works.

As soon as you download it, you will be asked to fill in some profile details such as how many cigarettes you usually smoke, how much you pay per pack or if you have stopped smoking already. This information can be adjusted later on so don't worry too much about it. Then the app calculates some vital stats about your routine and relocates you to the main dashboard where you can access your badges, the online community as well as some critical health stats. These health stats are based on the World Health Organization's indicators, so they are pretty accurate. You will love the community feature since it will make you feel part of something bigger. Also, another important feature is the social sharing options. The app takes a very social approach and lets you share your achievements and stats with your loved ones via Facebook, Twitter as well as other social networks. You can even offer your support to anyone inside the community.


To conclude, QuitNow! is a motivating app that provides all the support you need to quit smoking. The undisputable highlight of the app is its community that gives you all the extra motivation to keep going. If you download this app, it will probably become your favorite tool for quitting smoking.

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