Butt Out Quit Smoke Now & Stop Smoking Forever

Are you a smoker? Purchasing this app is the best decision you can make right now.

If you are a smoker, I am sure you have thought about quitting a million of times. However, like any addiction, smoking is very challenging to get rid of. Nicotine is an ingredient that most smokers become addicted to very easily and that addiction can last a lifetime. Every regular smoker knows about the adverse effects that smoking causes to the body, but he finds himself unable to resist to the addiction. Luckily, our smartphones can help us become smoke-free as long as we use the right app. Stop Smoking Cigarettes Now is one of the best apps when it comes to quitting smoking since it is packed with a variety of useful features that can be utilized by everyone.

As any valuable commodity, this app comes at a price. You have to pay $3,99 to be able to download it, but if you think of it, it is way cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. So, it is a good value for your money. As soon as you purchase it, the app prompts you to fill in your smoking and craving details to make a customized plan according to your specific needs. You can either choose to quit smoking instantly, select the desired end-date, or choose a past date. Stop Smoking Cigarettes Now is mainly a motivational tool as it lets you use a unique motivational quote and picture to help you keep track of the reasons why you want to stop this habit. Additionally, the app can track your smoking and craving patterns to show your overall progress. Also, you can view real-time stats about the money you haven't spent on cigarettes, the improvements in your health as well as the number of cigarettes you haven't smoked. Quitting smoking can accelerate your body's recovery back to optimal levels. You will feel more energized and focused than ever. All the statistics about your health's improvement are based on official World Health Organization stats as they are not directly linked to you. Using this app, you can view your progress regarding your lung health, nicotine levels, circulation, and carbon monoxide levels.

Another great feature of this fantastic app is the integration of an incredible community that can motivate you and answer any of your questions. Plus you feel like you can achieve your goal easier when there are people that can support you. Overall, this app is worth its price since it includes a variety of useful features that are capable of complimenting your valuable efforts.

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