Stop Smoking in 60 minutes

Why Stop Smoking in 60 minutes is the most innovative smoking app on the market?

If you are considering quitting smoking, I might have some good news for you. Whether you are a lifetime smoker or just a smoking teen, quitting can be tough for both. However, the more tools you utilize, the more chances you have to leave this bad habit behind. If you follow a solid action plan that is tailored to your needs, you can finally break this addiction while managing your cravings. Your smartphone can assist you in this effort since there are hundreds of smoking apps in every major app store. Despite the large variety of these apps, few of them manage to be as great as Stop Smoking in 60 minutes. Giving up smoking has never been easier.

Stop Smoking in 60 minutes distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a more proactive approach than the usual quit-smoking apps. Instead of keeping track of your expenses and how much cigarettes you have avoided, this app focuses on the motivational aspect. The app is based on Allen Carr's method, a widely recognized expert on quitting smoking. Throughout his career, he has sold over 14 million books on quitting smoking, and that is why he is the best person to help you. Millions of people have stopped smoking using this method, and you are going to be next.

The program is extremely efficient and provides a painless and permanent way of stopping smoking. The process is enjoyable and exciting, a vital characteristic that ensures satisfactory results. The app uses videos that take advantage of animation graphics, direct instructional address, and dramatic reconstructions. After all, the reason why this method has become so popular throughout the years is that it works on any individual. The introduction, as well as the first three chapters of the app, are completely free to watch.

However, after you watch these videos, you have to pay a small fee for every other video. Another important feature is the integrated support of Allen Carr's network of clinics. During any stage of your progress, you can address important questions or concerns to the nearest supported clinic without paying anything. The app includes every clinic's link and encourages you to ask questions and find the appropriate answers. You should be aware that the app doesn't include the videos, and you have to stream them via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. As long as you follow all the videos and instructions carefully, quitting smoking will be very easy.

Overall, it doesn't matter if you are a seasonal smoker or a regular one, this app will help you steer away from your addiction. Its intuitive interface and detailed videos are what every smoker needs to change his life for good.

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