My Last Cigarette - Stop Smoking Stay Quit

My Last Cigarette - Stop Smoking Stay Quit app can help you quit smoking today!

Imagine a smartphone app that can help you quit smoking while keeping you motivated and energized about this necessary transition. Nowadays, our lives are so fast paced that in order to quit smoking we need a tool that is available 24/7 for us. Thankfully, smartphones are necessary companions to our way of living and developers have started building incredibly useful apps that can help us quit smoking for good. You can download these apps from any major app store but before you go out and search for the best quit-smoking app, take a look at My Last Cigarette - Stop Smoking Stay Quit. This app has helped thousands of people to quit smoking since it utilizes a variety of useful tools to assist you in your effort.

How does it work?

My Last Cigarette gives you the ability to monitor vital statistics about your health and quitting process at any given moment. You can view your nicotine levels as well as expected craving readouts based on the latest medical knowledge and stats. As soon as you start using this app, you will notice that you will receive motivational quotes and facts every day, as a way to boost your power and motivation. These incredibly helpful quotes will inspire you to keep going. Also, you can view your carbon monoxide levels in your blood stream as well as how their life expectancy will increase after you quit smoking. The app counts how many cigarettes you have avoided, keeps track of the time passed since you stopped as well as the amount of money you saved by not purchasing cigarettes. Another motivating tool is the intuitive dashboard where you can also see how your risk of lung cancer and heart attack decreases every day. Last but not least, you can view some statistics on deaths and diseases that will keep you focused on your goal. There are more than ten readouts overall that provide you with all the necessary information.


To conclude, by downloading this app you benefit from a dozen years of medical research on harmful effects of smoking. The app manages to keep you motivated throughout this difficult transition by showing you a different perspective of your health's stats, increasing your willpower and focus. Checking the testimonials will assure you that this app works. My Last Cigarette -Stop Smoking Stay Quit app will become the perfect companion for quitting smoking. Don't waste any more time. Start your efforts using this incredible tool and you will be amazed by the results.

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