The harm of smoking on the nervous system

Of all the systems of the body, the nervous system primarily suffers from smoking. The nervous system controls all the processes occurring in our body. It is responsible for connecting the body with the internal and external environment. And the nervous system is the first and foremost to suffer from tobacco poisoning. One of the first signs of tobacco poisoning of the nervous system is dizziness.

Dizziness usually comes in bouts, and sometimes in a succession of intense bouts. First, there is a feeling of emptiness, a person is unable to concentrate and gets a feeling of loss of consciousness. It seems that everything is moving, and if the person closes his eyes, he gets a feeling of his own body whirling. Constriction of cerebral vessels causes dizziness, which often occurs during smoking. Experienced smokers develop symptoms of a neurotic condition - fatigue, irritability, memory loss, nervousness, and headaches.